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The guy with the FUNKY fashion taste and also with a FLAIR for graphic designing. I'm Amirul Nasir, or you can call me Rool, for short. 21 years standing in the feet of the Earth. Singaporean. Currently serving the nation till 02/06/12. I'm a Ngee Ann Polytechnic Mass Communication (Class of 2010) graduate. Creative Director, someday? More about me?

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    Saturday, May 29, 2010
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    (this is gonna be one heck of a long post, just sayin')

    Hell yeah! Three years of insanity.. finally over! No more eye bags! No more sleepless nights!

    The backdrop really very pretty leh! And omg, I was so nervous when it was my turn, fearing I'd trip and make a fool out of myself and then appearing on STOMP the next day.

    My family aka my three ATM machines. Haha! Kidding. I appreciate all the love and support that they have given me for the past 3 years in Ngee Ann.

    And here comes the AMAZING PEOPLE from Mass Communication who made school a fun experience for me!

    LEFT: Alene! My classmate in Year Two & my lecture buddy, who's always seated beside me during lectures because of stupid seating arrangements. I will always remember you as the crazy girl who loves to dance, even during lessons. Haha! And please, she can be quite bitchy, you know. We bitched about *ahem*, yeah you know, I know and that's enough. Heehe.

    RIGHT: TYRAMIZIE! This boy struts and catwalks everywhere he goes. He's so hilarious, that calling him funny is such an understatement. I don't know why but every single thing he does is extremely hilarious to me. I'll always remember him as the guy with powerhouse vocals. He has the potential to bring the house down! Singapore, watch out! Haha! Shame, he wasn't in the same cohort as I am, I have a feeling we would have been quite close pals. Heehee!

    LEFT: Sandy! I love Sandy! Who wouldn't love her? She's so adorable and super cute. I remember meeting her for the very first time - it was at a drama club in NP and we kinda bonded from there but we eventually quit the club because we couldn't juggle it with the school workload. I never saw her pissed, don't think I want to anyway. But I'm happy to have met her. :D

    RIGHT: Vanessa! She's a crazy fanatic for BSB (Backstreet Boys), whom I find very disgusting. (I'm gonna get shot down for this) She almost killed me when she didn't help me for the design of our newspaper project in year 2. But hey, I really got to know her in Year 3, when we were co-designers for PITCH'09! Designing for that was hell, especially when there was endless revisions to be made. But I'm happy I got to work with her in Year 3 because it really changed my impression of her that I had in Year 2. I feel guilty. Sorry Van! But I shall never ever judge a book by its cover. She's kinda awesome, beat that. :D

    LEFT: IRMA! Let me start by saying that I love this girl, okay. She was my classmate in year one. I refused to talk to her because she was so "melayu" about everything. A typical malay girl. I really didn't like her in year 1, no kidding! I kinda regret not making use of that opportunity instead to really be friends with her in Year 1 because I really enjoyed talking to her & working with her in projects. We were project-mates for Radio & locvid production and I had so much fun with her even though one entire tape that contained our third and final scene was not captured. I cried, because of stress. Weak, I know. And I should thank Feeqah who really bonded the two of us. Year 3, I worked with her for Convex and it was pretty kick-ass! We got A++++ for every pairing assignment that we did together! And I will never forget when we had to go up to random strangers and take photos of them for our report. Heehe. I won't forget you Irma. :D

    RIGHT: AQILAHHH! Probably one of the most adorable malay girls in Mass Comm. I had a lot of fun working with her, especially or Advertising! Best group ever! I'd always share babi cookies from subway with her and make a lot of funny jokes about her. I remember joking that she was the fastest runner for 2.4km run in her secondary school. People really believed me. And for others, they knew I was bullshitting. Heehe! I'll miss you kiki!

    LEFT: Adrianna! Got to know this girl through FMSA and she really does look like Tania! I admit I was always confused about the both of them in year one. She's quite of a character and I learnt a few curse words in Pinoy language from her. Haha! Bad influence eh! And I'll always remember the time when we went out to do the 10 Dares thingy. Definitely something unforgettable. Haha!

    RIGHT: Diyana! Honestly, I don't know her that well because she's from the other cohort. She's alright la, I guess. Heehee!

    LEFT: Atiqah! From the other cohort! Okayla, I also don't know her that well. But I think I would have been closer friends with her had I been in the other cohort because she's actually quite nice to talk to!

    RIGHT: AJ! and NOH! AJ was my colleague in m:idea and I won't forget his favourite word, "Interesting". He uses it all the time. And Noh! We were in the same class in year 1 and in year 3. And thank god he was in my class in year 3 because there were a whole other bunch that I disliked. And classes were always fun with him around. Haha! Definitely won't forget him. :D

    LEFT: DION! If he ever had a TV show, it would definitely be called, "Everybody hates Dion" but he's my friend and a very entertaining one at that. He never fails to make me laugh at every single thing he does in school. I started out hating him in the beginning.. but I really think he's toned down his attitude and character a lot! And that's good enough to be my friend, I don't care if everyone else hates him, at least I know I can trust him and he better not betray my trust. Just don't wear green goblin pants to school anymore okay. Haha!

    RIGHT: RAYYYYYY! I love this boy to bits and pieces. He was always there for me whenever I needed someone, always just a call away. And just that, makes him an amazing friend to me. I'm glad to have met him from FMSA and our late night gossiping sessions in the loft about Dion, even though he was just at the other room and could have probably been eavesdropping in our conversations. haha! Plus, this boy's got a great fashion sense! Love you Ray and I don't care if its 10 years or what, you will still be my friend and I'll always remember you. :D

    LEFT: Casey! I remember he left class just to have Yong Tau Fu and that got everyone talking about him. He's a funny character la. He was my year 1 classmate and I definitely won't forget him and he's always competitive, or at least that's how I think. Haha!

    RIGHT: ISAAC! This boy is probably the best HYPE editor in the history of HYPE Magazine. He was my year 1 classmate and I was always intimidated by him. He is so smart and a really good speaker + editor. There was once when we were rushing out the design for the magazine in the school's loft apartment and the whole place was in such a friggin mess. Sure he was pissed but he never screamed. All he did was just stare at the other guys and by the next minute, they'd be cleaning the entire loft. Hilarious. He's probably one of the most motivating guy ever. Plenty of times I'd feel like sleeping and he'd just stay up with me (even tho his other editors are sleeping and even tho he had no other work to do) just to really motivate me and push me. And he's a real good photographer too. Haha! I'm happy to have had him as a classmate (only in year 1) and a colleague. Those late night chionging sessions really bonded all of us together and I'll never forget that. :D

    LEFT: Irah! I'll definitely miss her. She's such a perfectionist - i swear. Always wanting to make sure the work we submit is of top notch. She's always the leader in most of the projects I worked with her, glad to have her as the leader. She's the most down to earth person I've ever known, so patient and calm. I used to wonder how she would be like when she's pissed, only happens once in a blue moon. There was one time when she was so stressed and when I asked her about her opinions on my design, she replied, "Do whatever you want la. Anything also can." Heehe. And I'm still trying to imagine how is that girl from the popular malay tv series, K-14, is now YOU?!?! haha!

    RIGHT: The two lovebirds. Nat and Eunice. I think working with Nat for our IS project was definitely one of the best ever. We helped an orphanage to build their very own cultural corner and it was really fun sia! And then he was also my editor for internship. Funny la that boy. And then comes Eunice, my year one classmate. Actually I never worked with her for any projects leh but I realised as the years go by, she starts to shrink in size and there's no way of stopping her. And she is definitely one of the mass comm people who was quite "real" and not fake. Oh well, I'll miss the both of them. :D

    LEFT: XINMUN! She is sooooo cute and so funny. And a great groupmate! I'll always remember her because of all the silly things she does all the time. I remember Jarrel telling me that she fell off a couch while we were chionging our final presentation for Advert in the school's loft. And going to her house just to complete our Advert assignments. Haha! And when she came to my house during Hari Raya, she stood on a stool so that she could be as tall as me. I can't help it for always teasing her about her height. But she really really does make me laugh almost all the time, even when I'm stressed to the max. Heehee! Love you munmun!

    RIGHT: Farez! Funny how i met this guy. I remember he was tweeting about some stuff, and then I followed him and then he happened to be my junior in Mass Comm! Omg, right? The day before graduation, he wrote a lot of nice and sweet stuff to me on msn, which I thought was very sweet of him that I told him, "TMR I MUST TAKE PICTURE WITH YOU!" And we did. Cute la this boy.

    That's my mom & Ms. Zalina. I never knew that the both of them were close friends, 20 YEARS AGO. Ms Zalina is my lecturer for PR and Convex and she is one of the best lecturers down there. She was pregnant while teaching us and she still continued teaching. Plus, she's still so active even when she's having a child! A very strong woman, just like my mom. Heehee.

    So here's the story, both my mom and Ms Zalina worked at Times Bookshop almost 20 years ago (when Ms Zalina was still studying Mass Comm) and my mom happened to be her supervisor. My mom would always bring me (i was a toddler, duh) to the bookshop as there was no one to take care of me at home so Ms Zalina would be there and she too would take care of me. Little did she know that the little toddler she took care of 20 years ago happened to be me! I was shocked! She was shocked! And when she met my mom at the graduation ceremony, it was an epic moment, two friends who have not met with each other for sucha long time. I'm glad I saw that and was part of the moment. Haha!

    LEFT: The UrbanWire girls! Heehe! I love both of them la. Especially Shermaine whom I worked with most of the time in year one. I think she's probably sick of me la right now. But even her mom knows my name! So freaky! Haha! And Ching/Janelle who shocked my by telling me that she went to NUS then quit and came to Mass Comm. Insane right? haha! But I'm glad she did. Happy to have known both of them. Heehee!

    RIGHT: Actually Shermaine + Ching + EVERYONE in the right picture makes up almost 1/3 of my year one class. You guys make class super fun leh. Year one was probably the best year ever! You guys mean a lot to me. I remember during the first few weeks of school, everyone was sending testimonials (via friendster) to each other. I still read some of them and they're actually quite funny. I could have never asked for a better set of year one classmates than you guys. And I love every single one of you. (Aini, Jarrel, Eunice, Irma, Ching, Shermaine, Isaac, Tim, Eugene, Kavina, Sin Ee, Audrey) :D

    ALL OF YOU ARE AMAZING PEOPLE. I think Twitter is a good thing because it did brought us closer together and being in the same internship as Chee, also made me closer to her. Haha! Working with her can be a pain in the ass sometimes because she's also a perfectionist but you know what? I'm glad she's a perfectionist, otherwise I'd have come up with shiteous designs for everything. Haha! I want our disney marathon please!

    HELLO M:IDEA! I don't care. This IS the marcomm team, the team that I originally wanted to be in, not design. Haha. I'm really glad I didn't quit m:idea because had I done so, I wouldn't be close to any of them, teasing one another, especially Ronald. We're all so united and I'll definitely miss being in m:idea. Truthfully, this was actually one of the best decisions I've ever made in Mass Comm. I pushed myself to the limits and come up with designs almost every single day. It was insanity handling 16 design projects all on my own. And some of them simultaneously. A lot of sacrifices - including public holidays - were made. I don't know where we'll be in 10 years time, but I'm sure our paths will still cross one day. I ain't gonna do design, I'm gonna do Events/PR, so hopefully, I'll see you guys still! Haha! SHALL WE MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO LIKE I GOTTA FEELING? + Can't wait for dinner with all you m:idea peeps on monday! haha!

    And of course, the both of you. I don't care even if this picture blocks my entire blog layout because the both of you deserve it.

    Jarrel! I don't know where to start. You, my friend, are the most competitive person I've ever met and I respect you for that. I really looked up to you as the standard to beat, especially during year one because you are so smart and so good at almost everything. I'll really miss doing FMSA tours with you, which was always so much fun you were always so ra-ra and never fail to make every single tour fun, no matter how boring those people are. I still feel guilty for leaving you to handle the 60++ over students all alone because I had to rush home, but I'm sure you still had fun right. Being in FMSA and other fms related events made me closer to you and not to forget our year 3 advertising group. To be honest, I did not want to be in the same group as you just because I was quite petty over some stuff you said to me on msn, saying I'll never find an advertising group. I'll still slap you for that but I eventually chose to be in the same group as you and I'm glad I did! As stressful the projects may be, it was still fun because that's the thing about you. You always know how to make everything fun and that's what I like about you. And we definitely kicked ass during the final presentation to the client, we're awesome. I just wished that you were doing the design internship with me for the final semester because you know what? Your designs are pretty kickass too, shame you did not get to show your skills for that final semester. That's the only regret I'll have - not doing HYPE magazine with you just because I actually liked your year 2 magazine. Hurrhurr. But the best part, I feel like I can tell you about almost everything also - personal or school whatever. And I really really enjoyed discussing reality tv shows with you - TAR/SURVIVOR. You know what, if there is another TARA in the next few years, I'd love to join that and pair with you - because I know we can make good tv (hehehe) and with our extensive knowledge on everything, we can kick some butts! So Jarrel/classmate/xiaoming or whatever they call you, I'm glad I met you in Mass Comm and I'm glad I found a friend in you and no matter what, you will never be forgotten. Thank you for everything and now that this journey is over, I'll definitely miss you. :D

    Aini! Omg I don't know where to start. I really hated this girl in year one. Haha! I felt so suffocated every single time she called me names that all of a sudden, it felt like secondary one all over again. But we got closer in year two. And thank god she was in my class. I doubt I'd be able to survive had she not been around. And we grouped up with each other for almost every single assignments. I think we make a great team, you know. Haha! She'd always joke with me about other Mass Commers and we had nicknames for certain people. It was hilarious. Of course there were certain points of time I felt like strangling her, especially during our Advertising and MRM. Both of us are very stubborn la, sometimes I really don't like her idea so I just tell her straightforward and there was tension. But once class is over, everythings back to normal again. I still remember getting so frustrated with her when she deleted our entire MRM project file, wah I was damn pissed! Haha! Of course, we got even closer in year 3, especially in m:idea. She calls me her sidekick, which I find very insulting. I ain't anybody's sidekick. Haha! We were each other's rock, pushing and motivating each other. Of course, there were times I had really wanted to just run away from m:idea and not do anything because of the crazy stress level but at least she was there every single step of the journey. And I can find myself talking to her almost about everything. She is probably one of the few that has seen me at my deepest down, when I felt like crying because of someONE and also one of the few that I can joke and insult and she'd still be fine with it because she can do the same to me and I won't be pissed at her. I could see her as like my "brother" because she'd be the one protecting me if I get pushed around or anything. So thank you Aini, for everything, for being one of the best things that happened to me for the past three years and if I could give you a hug again, I would. Because you are my officially my closest friend from mass comm and let's keep it that way in the years to come. I'll never never forget you. And I'll definitely miss you worrx.

    I apologize if this blog post is waaay corny. But I don't care. lol. Being in Mass Comm is spectacular, and will always be. Heehee

    Actually after the graduation, we went back to my office and had a photoshoot! Shall post the photos soon!

    P.s If you managed to read from the top all the way to the bottom here, you rock, seriously. And I love you.

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    Monday, May 24, 2010
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    Omg! I am graduating from Ngee Ann Polytechnic with a Diploma in Mass Communication in less than 12 hours!

    My graduation gown!

    With my new haircut! Looks so much neater now!

    Haircut, check! Shirt, Check! Tie, Check! Graduation Gown, CHECK! I don't know why I'm so excited actually. I'm more excited to see my friends there and snapping pictures with them! It still feels like yesterday when I experienced my first day of school in Ngee Ann. I had this big-ass map of Ngee Ann all open and using it as my guide, I definitely did not get lost wherever I went!

    And also meeting my year 1 classmates or the first time. Like how I first met Jarrel in the FMS lift and we were feeling awkward until he broke the ice with "Okay. So are all of us in the same class T103?" Haha! It was quite funny and weird at the same time.

    Then there was Aini, also in the same class as me from Year 1 to Year 3 and I remembered hating her to the core back in year 1. LOL. She was always bullying me, calling me names! So I just ignored her when she needed my help in web graph module. Haha! But look how things turned out to be 3 years later! She's now one of my close friends from Mass Comm and I can tell her almost everything!

    Of course, I'm not looking forward to any of my haters la. But I have already forgiven whoever who made my life in Mass Comm a living hell. I'm not gonna bear grudges over silly and petty things anymore cos it's not worth any of my time at all.

    Okay gonna do a full post on this soon! Probably after tomorrow! Can't wait till all of this excitement is over!


    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com


    PAGE 10 OF TODAY'S BERITA HARIAN NEWSPAPER! Betol nyah! Tak bedek! Believe!

    Apart from the very WTF headline, this is actually a pretty decent story featuring my minah, Aini and I! Oh who am I kidding, I barely understood half of the story until Aini explained the whole story to me.

    The article mainly speaks about my contributions to my internship company, m:idea and reading it pretty much reminds me of the sufferings I had to face within the past year. Not having enough sleep. Juggling between 10 design projects all at the same time and sleeping in the school's loft apartment and not going home. Crazy, right? And then there's also the m:idea youth choice awards, in which ALL (mostly 99%) of the event collaterals are designed by me. I can't live like that. Haha!

    But I'm still disturbed by the title. "Tidur Di Sekolah" = "Sleeping In School"? Ape kene mengena ni? I don't sleep in school.. (innocent face)

    The moment I woke up, (I CANNOT EVEN SLEEP IN PEACE YOU KNOW) one by one people started smsing me, "Amirul you're in Berita Harian!". And when my sister woke me up to tell me, i told her, "Don't have la! The writer never tell me!" But I was wrong. Nyehehe

    Okay this article - good or bad - is gonna be framed up inside my room for sure!

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    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    Okay I'm not gonna tease anymore! Here's what we've been up to for the past few days!

    Love it, right?

    It was all for a video contest up on expressnike.com! So being the crazy and boliao people that all of us are, we decided to come up with a video of our own! And I really enjoyed creating the video with all of them (Jarrel, Aini, Chee) It was simply genius! Haha!

    It really took a lot of balls okay for all of us to do the various scenes! :D

    P.s I've been watching the video over and over again for the past few hours. HELP! -crosses fingers- Hope we'll win!

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    Sunday, May 23, 2010
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    WHAT ...

    is our local Heroine (Eye-ni Man!) doing in Orchard Road?

    ... are these 3 crazy people doing?!?! Gawd.

    ... can you see from the picture above?

    ... were they posing for inside the Orchard underpass?

    (Through a video. Like really really soon. Even I can't wait to tell you what this is all about!)

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    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com


    ... is Aini sexually harassing one of the statues outside ION Orchard?
    ... are these three crazy boliao people dancing in the middle of Orchard?!?!?!?

     ... am I playing with Ronald McDonald's ears?!?!?

    ... is Jarrel wearing his snuggies in Orchard?!?!?!

    ... are the both of us jogging in Orchard? Siao ah?

    All of these and more of your questions answered in the next few posts! Stay tuned to this blog to find out more! 

    We can only do our best to advise the faint-hearted that whatever stunt we're doing might be potentially dangerous to your health as it may cause unstoppable laughter! We are not responsible for any harm caused as it was not our intention at all, really.

    P.s Did Aini get turned on while molesting the statues?!?! Hmm. For us to know, for you to find out!

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    Thursday, May 20, 2010
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    Guess who was at the Shrek Forever After Movie Premiere in 3D last night?
    (No prizes for getting the correct answer though. :p)
    Well, I was one of the lucky few who got invited to the exclusive movie premiere over at The Cathay courtesy of omy.sg! I was definitely psyched to watch the FOURTH installment of the Shrek movie after having watched the 3 previous Shrek movies.

    Of course I brought my sister along since I had an extra invite since she has been paying most of my expenses for the past few months. We snapped a photo with Shrek! Boy he's super huge, and surprisingly, not smelly. Haha! I felt quite intimidated just by standing next to him!

    In the movie theater! The new 3D glasses look damn chic!

    Watching Shrek reminds us of the most important lessons in life itself. Shrek finally had it all - a perfect life. He had a beautiful wife, 3 little ogre babies and many friends. But he took everything for granted and does not appreciate what he had. All he ever wanted was a normal life as an ogre: to be able to do things an ogre did in peace.

    So he made a deal with the devil, Rumpelstiltskin in order to get what he want, just to be a normal ogre for a day but he has to give up one of his past days in return. And he found himself at the losing end, having lost everything he ever had in his life and in a universe where Rumpelstiltskin reigns supreme with his annoying witches.

    No wife. No friends. It was miserable. Fiona, his wife does not remember him and his friends think he's crazy. And the only way to turn everything the way it was before was - A True Lover's Kiss before the next sunrise. So he has to woo Fiona all over again, buying her gifts, flowers only to be rejected time and again. Damn, Fiona really plays hard to get eh?

    He has to convince Fiona that he is her true lover all over again. And when he finally got what he wanted - a kiss from Fiona, nothing changes at all because Fiona doesn't love him. And Shrek found himself making another deal with Rumpelstiltskin. I shan't spoil any further! But you should definitely catch the movie because it's worth watching and just because Puss is so adorable!

    I want to bring him home, please! Haha!

    The lesson that I take from this movie is that it takes years to build a good reputation but only seconds to destroy everything we have when the wrong decisions is made.

    On to the next movie!

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    Monday, May 17, 2010
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

     Day FOUR in Sydney, Australia!
    (No I did not forget! One thing lead to another and I forgot to blog about the rest of my Sydney Trip!)
    The Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney Australia
    The Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney AustraliaThe Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney Australia
    Started the day by going to our first stop - The Cockle Bay Wharf!
    It was a really warm day though! Felt like there's this invisible heat slapping our faces!

    Monorail in Sydney Australia
    We also got to take the monorail! So cool!
    You get to enjoy one whole cabin to yourself!

    Sydney Australia
    Sydney Australia
    Sydney Australia
    Oh how I want to jump in those fountain right now! So pretty, right!

    Sydney AustraliaSydney Australia
    Left: My mom pretending like she lost her balance. Had she really fell, I would have laughed at her.
    Right: My sister thinks she's so pretty, taking a shot like that.

    Sydney AustraliaSydney Australia
    Nice scenery, right?! No photoshop at all! Just a camera trick!

    Sydney Australia

    To be honest, we did not do a lot of sight-seeing BECAUSE my sister wanted to go to Paddy's Market to swap some faulty goods and my uncle was bickering with her non-stop. Oh and my uncle said it was too hot for sight-seeing. How annoying! So we took a break at Starbucks and waited for Uncle Graeme to end his work so that he could join us for dinner!

    We had a really looooooong walk from the hotel.
     (And by long i really mean like walking from Tampines to Boon Lay kind of long.) - I exaggerate, too much eh?

    Sydney Australia, Barby's
    (Inside joke) This was rather amusing.
    We called one another babi - a slang my uncle uses to call his BABY.

    Sydney Australia Cafe Kasturi
    Where we had our dinner! Cafe Kasturi. It's halal.

    Sydney Australia
    The two bitches.

    Sydney Australia
    My mom & I.

    Sydney Australia Fried Rice
    Time to eat! One plate of Fried Rice in Australia costs AU$14.90!
    Insane, right? I made sure i ate everything on my plate!

    Sydney Australia
    I don't know where or what my mom is looking at.

    After dinner, Uncle Graeme brought us sight-seeing around certain areas in Sydney that would be impossible to arrive by foot. It was so cold. We drove around to places near the harbour bridge and they showed us Luna Park. I really want to go to Luna Park eh! It's an amusement park and my uncle kept talking about this electric ride that will get you stuck to the panel like glue. LOL!

    Sydney Australia
    Sydney Australia
    It was freaking cold! I am not kidding you. I was wearing 3 layer of clothes and was still freezing!
    (4 if you count my undies, actually. Haha)

    Sydney AustraliaSydney Australia
    Jump! And then we called it a night. :(

    P.s Why is Sydney so much more awesome than Singapore? Looking at these photos make me want to go to Sydney again! Le Sigh.

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