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The guy with the FUNKY fashion taste and also with a FLAIR for graphic designing. I'm Amirul Nasir, or you can call me Rool, for short. 21 years standing in the feet of the Earth. Singaporean. Currently serving the nation till 02/06/12. I'm a Ngee Ann Polytechnic Mass Communication (Class of 2010) graduate. Creative Director, someday? More about me?

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    Wednesday, February 02, 2011
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    *To the girl involved in this blogpost, I don't mean to ambush you. But do keep an open mind though. ;)
    "Hey Amirul, I have something to tell you, a secret that I've been keeping from you all these while."

    "What is it?"

    "That I was an immature teenager who thought you were wooing me so I did little things to make you dislike me. Yes I suck. Forgive me."

    "D: Am I really not that likeable of a person?"

    "You are likeable, with the English and humour and wit and all. Just that I was a blind, superficial teenager. ;)"
    I was left with mixed reactions. "Wait, she thought I was wooing her?" "Why wouldn't she like me in the first place? Am I not boyfriend material?" "But how did this even end up to be a 'D-A-T-E'?".
    I didn't want to embarrass her further. So I left the conversation at that.

    Sure. We went out for a movie or two, dinner and did some sports activities together in the park, the kind of stuff I'd normally do with my other girl friends. We even had cute nicknames for each other. (I'm guessing this was the main problem.)

    What was supposedly supposed to be a heart-to-heart sharing session with a girl (space) friend, who recently at that point of time, got her heart broken by another guy, got confused with the weird term that most of us would call "a date".
    Little trivia about me. If you ever get a chance to know me in real-life, you'd probably know that I have more girl friends as compared to guy friends. People think I'm weird. People say it's because of my slightly feminine behaviour that sort of attracts all these girls to me. And it just so happens that the people I hang out with are mostly... girls, which makes me kinda awesome.
    What actually defines a date? Whenever a guy asks a girl out, does that automatically make it a date? How can you actually tell the difference between a 'DATE' and 'just hanging out'? The lines between the two can be quite blurry most of the times so you might have to take the direct approach and just ask. But most of you probably won't do that, would you?

    Otherwise, you can rely on the subtle hints below most of the time, but they're not 100% accurate though.

    1. Look at what the guy is wearing!
    Trust me on this. Guys who are interested in you would actually take the extra time and effort to 'doll themselves up' simply because they want to look their best infront of you. You won't see him wearing slippers or bermudas but instead a nice set of shirt combined with a nice pair of jeans along with shoes because first impression counts! He'll even shave his facial hair just for your sake when they don't bother doing so usually.

    2. When the guy insists on paying everything for you.
    Call it old-fashioned or whatsoever. But girls love it when guys pick up the tab for dinner. When a guy insists on picking up the tab for dinner, he wants it to be a date. And if you allow him to do so, you're actually giving him the confirmation signal that it IS a date. But if you insist on paying for your share, then you're just making him uncomfortable and letting him know indirectly that you don't want this to be a date. Too bad guys.

    3. Look out for his deadly piercing gaze.
    Girls love attention, don't they? And they love it even more when guys divert their whole attention towards them. Just make sure he's gazing into your eyes and not somewhere else... below.

    4. When you give cute nicknames to each other.
    As childish as this may sound, if he likes you enough to be his date, he'll probably give you a nickname, shared between the two of you. It's cute.. but sometimes misleading.

    Come to think of it, when both of you have suspicions that it is a date, then it is a date. Before getting all emotionally involved in the 'date', at least be sure that it is a date or you'd end up embarrassing yourself at the end of the day.

    Just know that it is never wrong for a guy and a girl to just hang out to somewhere, as long as either parties are not expecting something to come out of it.

    As for my situation, it wasn't a date, at least I didn't think it was. I'm sorry if I misled the poor girl into thinking that it was a date... I'll just have no choice but to make myself clear whenever I'm 'hanging out' with another girl for fear she might mistake it to be a 'date'.

    How would you differentiate between a 'date' and 'just hanging out'?



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Ehhh wanna date not?? heh :)

    - Aynie

    10:16 PM  
    Blogger King Rool said...

    Hahaha! Sure let's go dating! HAHA!

    10:26 PM  

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