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The guy with the FUNKY fashion taste and also with a FLAIR for graphic designing. I'm Amirul Nasir, or you can call me Rool, for short. 21 years standing in the feet of the Earth. Singaporean. Currently serving the nation till 02/06/12. I'm a Ngee Ann Polytechnic Mass Communication (Class of 2010) graduate. Creative Director, someday? More about me?

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    Love the blog layout? Want something like that? Or even better? Yes, I do design for blogs too at an affordable rate! For more details, feel free to drop a message to my email, amirul.nasir [at] gmail [dot] com!

    Apart from blogs, I do design for events, editorial designs, interactive designs. I am a designer afterall.. right? Or even photo editing! Let me know what you need and I'll try my best to get it done for you.

    Saturday, December 03, 2011
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    (Source: rkramer62)

    As she made her way towards my table, I was strongly enticed by the familiar scent of Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume. Carrying the widest smile like she always does every single morning, Farhana greeted me, "Good Morning, my dear annoying Amirul", before returning to her seat. My reply to her would always be, "You're looking as pretty as ever."

    Farhana was different from other girls. There was something special about her that I just can't describe. For a woman, she actually has broad shoulders and her behavior could be described as a tomboy. Her face radiates happiness every single day, it was almost as if she was glowing. But I know one things for sure, I am definitely not attracted to her at all. Plus, she has a doting boyfriend and she was way older than me. I'm guessing a good 7 years difference. I exceptionally loved how she never fails to wear a scarf of different colors 'round her neck every single day.

    She has a flair for art and is an extremely talented graphic designer, who was very good at multitasking - something which I am not so good at. I got to know her while I was on internship at a local publishing company 4 years back. Since it was the month of Ramadan (The fasting month), both of us would be stuck in the office during lunch time and I'd be seated right next to her, watching every single thing she does on the computer while she does her work and she'd be sharing her life story with me at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking, this girl is a pro.

    Being the oldest in her family, she had to give up her true passion which involves teaching art to little kids and work (which she did over the weekends), just so that she could support her family financially. She shared photos of her family with me, especially one of her younger sister. "My younger sister is as annoying as you. You should get together with her sometime!", she'd tease occasionally. And my reply would always be the same, "Eek! She's not pretty la!"

    Once I was done with the internship, we lost contact for a while. I didn't manage to snap a photo with her on the last day of my internship, as she was sick and had to stay at home. Little did I know, that would have been the last time I'd see her in my life.

    Two years later, I received one of the most unexpected phone call.
    "Amirul. Do you still remember Farhana?"
    "Of course I do! How is she?"
    "She has just passed away."
    Words could not begin to describe how I felt at that point of time. My mind, which was previously occupied with deadlines to meet for my Advertising Project was now flooded with memories I had with her while I was interning at the publishing company. I just stopped whatever I was doing and was left completely stunned. It was so sudden. She didn't deserve it. But why? - The question that filled my mind because she was one of the nicest girls I've ever known and God had to end her life just like that.

    Truth is, she had been battling a leukemia-related kind of disease for the past two years and no one knew about it. She was even on television on a show called LifeWatch. (Of course,I missed it because let's face it - Who watches TV nowadays?) As I watched the video clip of her struggle, I slowly wished for a miracle to happen, which unfortunately did not happen. It's like you're watching one of your favorite TV Shows and someone spoiled the ending for you and you chose not to believe him simply because you didn't want it to be true. If there ever was a time I wished for happy endings in a movie, that was it.

    (A video clip of Farhana on LifeWatch)

    The start of December marks her birthday & her Facebook wall was flooded with messages from friends, family members and it all seemed so surreal. It's saddening to see messages from her loved ones who's still in disbelief that she's not here anymore. She may not be alive and kicking but the memories and the conversations I've had with her? That'd definitely last a lifetime, no matter how short it was.

    Rest in peace Farhana.



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