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The guy with the FUNKY fashion taste and also with a FLAIR for graphic designing. I'm Amirul Nasir, or you can call me Rool, for short. 21 years standing in the feet of the Earth. Singaporean. Currently serving the nation till 02/06/12. I'm a Ngee Ann Polytechnic Mass Communication (Class of 2010) graduate. Creative Director, someday? More about me?

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    Saturday, January 22, 2011
    The current mood of popnutoz at www.imood.com

    Eat liver and onions? Gross. But I'll close my eyes, pinch my nose and swallow it anyway.
    Let someone punch you in the face? Yes. As long as he's not Clark Kent.
    Have your life end 6 months before it's really supposed to? I think this is worth more than a million dollars. So nope. Not worth it.
    Give up music for the rest of your life? Hell No. I'll never do that.
    Date someone the same sex as you? It's just a date, right? Nothing more. So yes.
    Eat snake for dinner? I'm starting to get grossed out. But yes, I'll do it.
    Not shower for a year? Omg. Can you just imagine the stench? I don't think I can do this though.
    Never eat your favorite food again? I probably won't.
    Give up the internet for 10 years? No! Internet is my oxygen. I need it to survive!
    Kill a cow and eat it for dinner? I doubt I 'd have the balls to do this even. And I love cows. No.
    Punch your grandma in the face? Haha. With the family background that I come from, they'd probably hate me if I did this. But I'll make a deal with her and split the million into 50-50 with her, if she'd let me.
    Dance naked in front of your family? Awkward. But I will. Haha!
    Never read a book again? Definitely.
    Never eat meat again? It's worth a try, yes?
    Give your pets away? No!
    Give up television for the rest of your life? I will die! I need the television!
    Shave your head? Why not?
    Live the rest of your life weighing 250lbs (about 100kg)? No. I do not ever.. ever want to weigh that much ever.
    Play one round of russian roulette? Lol. I'm scared. And I'm too much of a coward to do this. So nope.
    Go on a bread and water diet for two years? Maybe one year? But for two years, nope.
    Never get married? Maybe. I might.
    Give up your driving privileges? I don't even have a driving license to begin with. So I'll get people to drive me around, cos I'm the boss.
    Leave Singapore forever? Of course! This country is too expensive.. far too expensive.
    Not brush your teeth for a week? Disgusting. But I would. And not talk to anyone for that whole week.
    Kill an innocent person? No. I won't be able to live with the guilty conscience that comes along with it.
    Kill a murderer? I'm not capable of this though.
    Never own a pet the rest of your life? Yes. I'm sorry little kitties.
    Give up facebook forever? Why not? My whole life doesn't revolve around it. But if it's Twitter.. then we have a problem.
    Never travel anywhere? Nope. Not for a million. Not for any value. Never.
    Never watch your favorite TV show again? Unfortunately, yes I would.
    Dig up a grave? I'm curious to see what's underneath. But I'm too much of a scaredy-cat to do it.
    Never swim again? Yes. Easy as a b c.
    Live somewhere it's cold all the time? Yes. It'd be perfect.
    Live somewhere it's warm all the time? Well, I survived living in hot and humid Singapore for 20 years now. So yes.
    Give up your sense of smell? What nonsense. Never.
    Give up your sense of taste? I said no.
    Cut off one of your body parts? I think every part of my body is worth more than a million each. So no.
    Take a bite of someones poop? What's with all these questions?! But out of curiosity, I might.
    Donate half of the million to a charity of your choice? Most definitely yes!
    Donate all of the million to a charity of your choice? Most definitely yes!




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